4 bedroom duplex on the beach. 3247

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Welcome to coastal paradise! This spectacular duplex for sale is the opportunity you were looking for to enjoy the beach and the sun in a quiet and cozy place. With a privileged location, just 5 minutes from the beach and the promenade, this property has a large garden area to enjoy with family and friends.

The ground floor has a bright living room, separate kitchen with patio and laundry area, a bedroom and bathroom. On the first floor, we find 3 bedrooms, one of them with a balcony and bathroom. In addition, the duplex has parking for one vehicle.

Fully furnished, this duplex is perfect for those looking for a home ready to move into and enjoy the tranquility that the area offers. Its south orientation guarantees a sunny and bright winter.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful duplex for sale and fall in love with its charms. Request your visit right now!
Call now: +34 968 173 133 +34 96.. See full phone
  • Ref: VLN-3247
  • Tipo: Duplex
  • Ubicación: Los Alcázares
  • Orientación: SUR
  • Estado: Sale
  • Superficie: 145m2
  • Dormitorios: 4
  • Baños: 2 baño/s
  • Piscina: No
  • Jardines: Si
  • Garaje: Si

165.000 € 1138 €/m2

Calle Pintor Nicolau, Los Narejos Los Alcázares Murcia

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