Duplex in Roda 3 bedrooms (3239)

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Welcome to Residencial Señorío de Roda! Today we present a beautiful duplex for sale, located just 5 minutes from the beaches of the Mar Menor. This property has an excellent orientation to the SOUTH, which allows natural lighting throughout the day.

Upon entering the property, we find a spacious living room that integrates perfectly with the kitchen, which has an open bar. Additionally, on the ground floor we find a bedroom and a full bathroom.
On the first floor, we find two spacious and bright bedrooms, both connected by a large balcony overlooking the garden. We also find a second full bathroom.

The property has a rear terrace that offers the possibility of creating a fourth bedroom, an office or any other option that suits your needs. In addition, it has a large garden, private parking area, storage room, barbecue area and garden areas.

The Residencial Señorío de Roda offers a community pool and a rear lounge area for the exclusive use of the owners of the block. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful duplex! Contact us to request a visit without obligation.
Call now: +34 968 173 133 +34 96.. See full phone
  • Ref: VSR-3239
  • Tipo: Duplex
  • Ubicación: Roda
  • Orientación: SUR
  • Estado: Sale
  • Superficie: 125m2
  • Dormitorios: 3
  • Baños: 2 baño/s
  • Piscina: Si
  • Jardines: Si
  • Garaje: Si

149.900 € 1200 €/m2

C/ Carlos I Roda Murcia

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